Thursday, July 12, 2012

Art Journal Updates

I don't generally share my art journals. But I'm quite happy with how some of them have been turning out lately so here you go if you're interested. Forgive the crappy pictures..I'm afraid I have to use my cell phone for them because I have to do it when I think about it or it wont happen. 

This one is still a work in progress. Something needs to be added but whatever it is, it hasn't presented itself to me as of yet. Scattered-July 2012

I'm fairly certain I'm finished with this was a journal prompt from someone else so I can't say that I was as dedicated to the subject matter as I should have been. Ah well. Seeking Grace -July 2012

I really hate that the pictures don't come through very well. The textures and colors in this one are great. 
Angry Feb 2012

 This one is my favorite so far this year. It's very dark and the meaning behind it was fitting at the time. It's one that I worked on at 4am when I couldnt sleep, hiding in the bathtub so that I didn't disturb anyone. 
Impossible Bend April 2012

 Again, the picture doesnt do it justice. This one is more personal in many many ways...
Need Feb 2012

There's another side to this one..I usually make open faced collages. But this was the only side I was willing to share right now. 
Self June 2012

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