Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Melissa's pie

melissa pie by Mylittlefetish
melissa pie, a photo by Mylittlefetish on Flickr.
A banana split personal sized cake for the awesome Melissa's birthday!

Melissa and I don't go way back..we actually met at work. She tells me I was intimidating as hell when she came in to interview! LOL But once we found the things we had in common (unruly lives, GLBTQ rights, limited use for bullshit and a Love of pinterest!) we became fast friends.

She made the flowers for my wedding, coordinated another friend making the wedding cake and even packed a cooler with champagne and two plastic flutes for us!

So a few months back, she tells me this funny story about having asked for a banana split cake for her birthday for 9 years. FYI, they don't really MAKE banana split cakes unless you pre-order them. Plus I know Melissa has been hella good at eating healthy so making her a full sized cake wasn't an option.

BUT...I rarely forget things like this so I made the above version..her own personal sized banana split cake...Ben & Jerrys Banana split Ice cream in a graham mini pie crust with magic shell, a cherry and a split banana!

Melissa blogs over at Baby Perdomo about her cutie patootie daughter, her awesome husband and various other things! Go read!

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