Wednesday, August 22, 2012

3 Questions

From Danille LaPorte

3 questions for easier living.

1. Out of what needs to be done in your life — work, household, creativity –what do you do best?
Creativity for sure. I manage on housework but find it tedious more often than not. I'd rather cook the meal than clean up after it. 
2. What space do you have access to — in your home, work, city — that makes you feel the most peaceful and/or inspired?
The labyrinth at a local church. Really, Labyrinths in general. I've never been inside the church and have no desire to go but I was thrilled to learn the labyrinth was there. 
There's also a deeper connection to nature and outside in general. Mostly I go where I'm drawn. Sometimes it's the woods, sometimes its seeking out moving water. 
3. What are you doing that you resent, and how can you phase out of that?
Heh...lots of things. 
  1.  Not making/taking time for myself. 
  2. Taking on too much & becoming overwhelmed. (See above)
  3. Not getting enough sleep/exercise/quiet. 
  4. Eating CRAP food (i.e. quick, easy, cheap, pointless)
  5. Judging my current self with past versions of myself or what I think should be current versions of myself. 
Phase out...well, I'm not sure. I'm working on it but by far, these are not easy tasks. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Working Wednesday

Busy busy busy

The house we're building (and by building, I mean having someone else do it) is coming along. We've run into a few issues that (thank the gawd!) my father has caught before they became a majob problem...issues like, oh, the slab was poured unlevel (mostly because the workers were left unsupervised and got a few beers on the job) and now its not square. So framing has been pushed back and pushed back. Grrr but nothing to do but make sure it's right the first time. I am so very very grateful that my dad is there, checking in on things and making sure it's correct...and that he knows what that means because we are all at a loss. I'm keeping copious amounts of notes. 

I started doing this Zumba Routine this morning. Don't laugh. Yes, I look like an idiot and no, no one was watching me. I usually scoff at the whole zumba thing because it's way too complicated and choreographed for me to buy into it. Especially at 5 am. But this one was simple enough (i thought!) Holy crap my arms hurt! 
And no, I still do not think I need to be doing this in public. Anywhere. Ever. 

I'm still working on the health kick. It's not easy but then I don't suppose it's supposed to be. I see my dr. at the end of the month and I really really really want there to be enough progress that he's encouraging about blood pressure etc. I truly don't give a rats pa-toot about my weight but my knees and blood pressure sure seem to and therefore I must pay attention. 

I spend more time on Pinterest than I probably should. But it keeps me keeps me from killing people, so that counts, right? Where else can I horde  collect everything from recipes to quirky little saying that make me laugh? 

I read an entire book last night in one sitting. This is saying something for me. I'm late to the show in reading The Hunger Games. I liked the first book but I'm not sure I want to read the others. Something about the post-apocalyptic fight-for-your-life "game" made me think too much of reality tv and how much I dislike it. 

The boy has me listening to this lately. Love it.

Other than that:
  • Quote journals
  • Getting kids ready for back to school (woohoo! 6th & 10th grades!)
  • Uncovering why it is that I am incapable of keeping a pair of scissors. Seriously. This is getting to the point of ridiculous. 
  • Reciprocal letters with the youngest munchkin in which she asks me how to spell the word put (originally it was "pute" from her), draws me pictures of trees against purple skies, and asks important questions like "who made G-d" that I have to defer to others for information on. That kid amazes me. 


Wednesday, August 8, 2012: Maintain flexibility today, because your plans may change more than once. Your intuition can't be beat, so don't be afraid to rely on it and to be decisive. It's a wonderful day for social interaction.