Friday, October 7, 2011


If you know me at all, you know I am usually late to the party! Ok..that's not true..I'm incredibly fixated on time and time management and I HATE being late. I usually not just on time..but I'm early and I like to ask what I can to to help set up.

OK ok....But I AM new to blogging..and more specifically, I'm new to blogging about the creative things I do. I call myself crafty..but that's not the entire story. I'm the type of crafter that does anything and everything. I LOVE trying new mediums, working on new projects and creating new things. I sew, I bead, I even paint and collage on occasion. I've made everything from costumes to post cards and anything in between.

I've also started and stopped tons of online stores, ventures and ideas....Why? Because like most people, I don't always believe in myself enough to believe it will work. So I'll sew 80+ hand made gift bags thinking I'll list them and sell them..I'll be EXCITED about it. I'll be PASSIONATE. Then when they don't sell I get frustrated and I stuff them in a corner somewhere. A month rolls by, or a year and I have to clean out that corner and the bags go to the thrift store or thrown away or re-purposed for some other reason. See the problem? Heart and soul poured into something I enjoy and believe in that ends up falling rather flat.

You do this too, right? We all do. But I am rather persistent and I'm not willing to give up on my great big dream. You see my problem is I love being creative. I'd love to spend my life BEING creative. But instead I'm stuck behind a desk at a job I hate for 40+ hours a week...I'm working..not living my dream. So I've decided to stop that. Its not how I want to live my life.

So hi..I'm Gayla. My life is a bit chaotic, but it's full of beauty. I hope to share that with you here.