Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Working Wednesday

Things I'm working on this week:

Today happens to be Summer my evening after work will be spent at the labyrinth walking & journaling. I don't see myself as religious, but as spiritual. Solstices & Equinox's have become grounding points for me throughout the year and I try to do this, or something to recognize them where ever I am.

In general, I need to get back to my journal. It comes and goes in phases, but it always helps when I take the time to remember it helps.

Friday we have an appointment to go and deal with house things. I'm excited and nervous.

Friday also starts what could be a 5 day softball tournament for the munchkin..she made all stars and has been practicing every day since. So the weekend plans are dependent on game schedules.

I've been very lax in my exercising over the past few months, with sleep being more important when I could grab it at all. So this week has seen me start back to the daily work and next week (hopefully) will see me start back on the morning workouts. Gawds but 5am comes early!

What's planned for your week?

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