Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Morning Madness

This weekend was killer in lots of ways. So a wrap up, a to do list and lots of random things..

  • Spent friday with my guys trying to plan housing around teeny tiny little paint/counter/wall swatches and being totally lost to the process the majority of the time. Then racing to get one kid, make it to the courthouse for land deed handling and then racing back for softball all stars game. 
  • I let some one else's bad parenting make me loose my temper Friday evening. It wouldn't have affected me so badly had it not been MY child. When I found out her father didn't bother to feed her dinner before a softball game, I was mad. When He tried to convince me that not eating was GOOD for her, I was livid. She got there at 6:15pm, the game was supposed to start at 7:30pm and at 8pm when it still hadn't started, she was hungry already.
  • The Munchkins team lost 2 games over friday and saturday evening but they played their best and left us all very very proud of them. 
  • It is still difficult to deal with someone's anger & hurt when you love them when their words are directed at you. 
  • This week will see me in Atlanta, helping the boy (mostly against his will, I'm sure) as he deals with being incapacitated from knee surgery and wrangling his parents. It should be quite interesting, considering I've met them only once before and spent very little time with them. 
  • Which reminds me..I have to pack..
  • My aching joints, twitching bedpartner, & fighting cats kept me up most of the night. Lack of sleep made me hit snooze a lot. UGH. 
  • I woke up saturday after sleeping in (blissfully) to the sound of both of them laughing and watching tv together. I smiled and thought how easily I could get used to that. 
  • We walked out under a cheshire cat smile moon on saturday and stood in the middle of where the living room will be together. It's nice to know we're all going to be home soon. 
Time to bring home the bacon...

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