Friday, June 15, 2012

First EVER Follow Friday

Ok, first off....yes, the things linked here will quite often be NSFW or younger people etc. etc. All adults? Ok then...

Sex Stuff
I am in LOVE with Liberator's new harnesses, the Valkyrie line. And FYI, no, the don't pay me to say these things..I bought one and was gifted another while at SELF 17 this past weekend. OMG they are awesome! 

Also the Aloe Cadabra lubricant is JUST what it is advertised as...we ended up with vanilla scented (pun intended haha) If you hate the stickyness of most lubes you will love this. 

If it's your type of thing..go. buy. have fun..and tell them I sent you because they are super nice people.

Things & Stuff
Corset Story is my new favorite shop to envy and stalk. I'm one of those people that if given the chance, I'll wear a corset...I only wish they were less shocking in small town alabama! Haha They have fabulously made coresets at great prices and omg omg omg do they have great sales!

THIS is one of the best ideas I've ever seen. I am constantly fighting a battle with cleaning my fridge (Kids, arm issues with the spouse & rushing = spills & messes). I'll be doing that this weekend. to do other stuffs...

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