Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's almost time..

We have everything under the sun and then some packed into the back of the truck. I swear I can't imagine why we would need that many things for just two people going to stay in a remote cabin for 2 1/2 days. But there's hiking and fishing and this little thing called a I guess there's reason!

The truth is, I'm kinda nervous. Which is funny in it's own little way. I've been in love with Nic for years and I've known that I'd spend the rest of my life by her side almost since the very first day. It was frightening at first, to have that type of devotion so quickly and so easily but it just was. There wasn't any fighting it for me and I accepted that I would follow him to the ends of the earth.

In some ways, I have.

Not all the years were easy. Some of them were damn hard when you try managing a long distance relationship, learning about each other and dealing with life in general. But we did it and tomorrow at 5 years into a relationship, we will say vows to each other that tie us even closer than we were before.

And there's a dress in an obnoxiously green tote that I've hidden away, just waiting to surprise him with thanks to MockingBirdDontWrite who gave me a fairy tale by giving me her Wedding Dress and the amazing experinence of our own Traveling Red Dress Experience.

But the magic hasn't stopped there..this morning a new found friend brought me this...
She made me a bouquet and a boutineer for Nic after I told her about our red dress experience. She also enlisted the help of another new friend who is delivering a small wedding cake sometime today. All to be packed away and to surprise the love of my life.

For those of you keeping up..We leave for the cabin today at 3pm CST. The wedding will be held sometime tomorrow evening..I don't have a time because we tried to keep this super casual secret and's hard to  have to combine plans without the other one knowing!

I am in awe. Truly.

Much love,

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