Monday, February 6, 2012


I'm getting married in a few days.

It's kind of funny and surreal and omg scary all rolled into one. You see, we were never going to do this. This wasn't who we were, or what we wanted. Our relationship was great, but this wasn't something we needed because the commitment was already there.

I remember Nic telling me when I left from the first weekend visit at the house that he couldn't stand missing me..and telling him that I'd miss him enough for both of us.

I remember telling him I loved him for the first time and explaining that I didn't need her to love me back...because at the time I knew she thought she couldn't..and didn't.

I remember talking for hours about how it looked like a duck and walked like a duck and sounded like a duck but we were going to call it an elephant because he couldn't actually say that he was in love with me.

And you'd think that it was years and years ago..but you'd be surprised to know it took 3 years for him to finally admit it and tell me he had fallen in love with me.

I already knew of course..I had always known. But I am patient and I was truthful when I said in year one that I didn't need her to love me back.

But if you had asked me in year one, I would have never guessed this was going to happen.
5 years we are.

Much love,

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