Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I Do...

That thing we both said we'd never do again...yeah...that...
Yesterday, Nic took me to a labyrinth that i like to frequent here in town to celebrate a special day we don't normally celebrate. 3 years ago, we committed our lives to one another. You'd think I'd celebrate that but its just too much to try and add to December with both kids birthdays, Nics bithday, my Namaws birthday , & my grandparents anniversary.   Too much.

I knew something was up, but I wanted the magic of the surprise so I convinced myself it was just Nic being Nic...romantic, sweet, kind of scatterbrained. So we went to walk to path, but mother nature was against us...it was covered in leaves. This labyrinth is flat with the ground so there was no way to walk it, though I tried a bit.

Then I heard Nic ask me where I thought we'd be in three years. I didn't have an answer past "Right here, I guess"..because really...how do you answer that when you've both talked about being "home" and settled on a family farm? So we walked some more and I sat down on the rock in the middle.

Then Nic looked away from me and said "I know where we will be in three years...Married."

I'm pretty sure I stopped breathing just like I did 3 years before when I realized what the significance of what s/he was doing was. Shocked...doesn't even begin to cover it.

Of course I said yes. :)

The ring is so over the top to me...It's beautiful and perfect and I am so very much in love. :)

Much love,

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