Monday, May 14, 2012

cherry tree

cherry tree by Mylittlefetish
cherry tree, a photo by Mylittlefetish on Flickr.

This project has been the bane of my existence for the last two years. 
Last year, we wanted to build a cherry tree for SELF. Well ok...I wanted to build a tree....the idea itself is one we borrowed.  The idea is that people use the little cherry shaped slips of paper to write things they want while at our event...someone to go to class with, someone for dinner, someone to teach them to do something...and hang them on the tree. Someone else comes along and says "Hey! I can do that!" and Viola! Connection. We like connections. 

Last years tree was a conglomeration of an outside umbrella stand, a broken shade umbrella, a LOT of paper and about 4 hours of me cursing it while trying to build it. It was unsteady, but it was a huge hit. 

This year, I was tasked with not one tree, but TWO. I wanted to cry. Not only that but it needed to be movable. *eyetwitch*

So after about 3 hours in home depot and a lot of fussing..the tree was made. BTW, did you know that searching for ways to make stage prop trees is nearly IMPOSSIBLE!?!?! Especially 3- D Trees. And once again, my Dad, Mr. Jack-of-all-trades, stepped in and told me how to fix the issues I was the limbs staying up and how to stop using hundreds of rolls of paper to make this happen only to throw it away after 4 days. The little basket is to hold the blank cherries for everyone to tie they're wishes to. 

It's PVC pipe, covered in foam spary insulation and then painted. and darn looks like a dang tree!

The top is a little rough still but I'm going to work on that when we have more green ribbon. The best part? It's not only MOVEABLE, it's sustainable and it breaks down into a few pieces and is easily stored. 

I think I'll take pics as I go along with the construction of the other one...maybe I'll post it to E-how or indestructible...because really..everyone should have access on how to build a darn tree if they need one without cutting one down. I'm no George Washington. 

I am very freaking proud of my tree. 

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